Senior Spotlight: Kyle Wedel


By: Logan Hartman

Kyle Wedel is a physical education major and a member of the baseball team at McPherson College. He was born in Wasco, California and transferred to McPherson after talking with the coach. Wedel was attracted to McPherson because of its small town feeling which reminded him of home.

Wedel has played baseball since he was around 3 years old and has been at it since. He has played both 2nd and 3rd base for the team at McPherson and is currently at 3rd base.

After graduating, Wedel plans to move back to Wasco where he will substitute teach while attaining special education certification. After receiving certification to teach special education, Wedel plans to get a masters degree in occupational therapy.

Wedel is thankful for the one -on-one time available because of the smaller community.               “The one-on-one experience I get through talking with my professors is phenomenal, the relationships you form with your professors are priceless. I was a kid at my junior college that would miss class, but here I’m motivated because of my relationships with my professors.” Wedel would like to leave his peers with saying, “give McPherson a shot, once I gave it a shot, I loved the relationships I formed and the community because they support each other, don’t be so close minded to a small town.”