Senior Drive Through


By Tyler Dunn

Graduation is upon us, and with this time comes many changes. Sports players playing their final games or clubs electing new leaders, this period comes with constant change and transitions. Many people get caught up in the stress of these last few moments, and the school starts advertising de-stressing events, but the one event that everyone is looking forward to besides graduation is the senior drive through.

An event that has been a tradition as long as can be remembered, with many different stories on how it got started. Some say that it was an Auto-Restoration thing that students hopped onto and made into a trend, others say it was a prank that students did late at night to cap their time here and the college instead of trying to stop it, made it into an event that bonded staff and student, essentially bridging the gap between generations. In a celebration of “We made it!” from professor to student.

No matter the origin we know that students here at McPherson are looking forward to participating in something that has lasted the test of McPherson just like them. It has been something for them to look forward to since they became McPherson Bulldogs. In a way it gives a sense of identity, making the process of leaving college behind something real. Life continues, and people move on but tradition makes them see what they belonged to, and this is vital because it symbolizes the family that the seniors have made here at Mac. No matter how much we want things to stay the same, life is all about change. Sometimes change is for the better, and if the seniors go forward with open minds and put their experience to good use they will be fine and will claim the success that they have worked hard for.