McPherson Softball: Dominating the Diamond



Freshman Kylecia Taylor
Sophomore Ali Smith

By Tyler Dunn

The McPherson Softball team is on their way towards a season like no other; starting the year off with wins at the Cowtown Classic. Despite injuries, the team has managed to battle many teams that they have played; if they don’t win they learn. When asked the difference between this year and last, Sophomore Jasmine Curiel says “It’s the girls, we have such a tight bond together and we work so well together.” The team is leaving its formerly cliquey mentality in the past, both on and off the field. The softball team can be seen around campus in groups, laughing away. Jasmine goes on to say that this group of girls has a “chemistry” that brings out the hustle in each other. They play not only for the love of the game, but for each other. Pitcher Brittany Baroni says that chemistry is leading to better communication than they’ve seen in the past. She says that “high energy and communication is the key to our success,” and by playing together they are simply outlasting teams. They have learned not to hang their heads in the face of adversity, but to motivate each other when things go wrong; something other teams haven’t been able to do. When something happens that could bring the girls down, they don’t see it as an opportunity to point fingers, but instead they use it as an opportunity to be more than teammates. They become sisters, and with these girls, nothing stands in the way of family. This sisterhood motivates and drives the dogs to do whatever is asked of them. Each transfer and freshman have a role to play, and they are glad to fill it.

Every person is ready to rise to the occasion whenever their name is called, like Kylecia Taylor pictured left, and Ali Smith pictured right. Softball might just be a sport but each player is thankful that they were brought to McPherson with the dream of playing college softball, because they are leaving with life long friendships that will carry them into their lives post graduation.Combining a love for the game with a love for each other, the team is on their way to a season to be remembered. One thing is for sure, when the walkouts come on, its Jaws out Paws out.