London to Kansas: Back at Mac


By: Deiah Curtis

Hiya Mac, I’m back and better than ever! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and my studying abroad experience was as good as it gets.

Living in the amazing city of London, my life has completely changed without even realizing it until I finally landed back on Kansas soil. As soon as I got back into my home country, the new differences in my home and myself, came flooding in. It was inevitable that some changes were going to occur, but nothing could have prepared me for the amazing new way I look at life. Getting to be apart of a university with over 25,000 students was exciting and made everyday a new adventure. Parliament, Big Ben, the Elizabeth Tower, and Buckingham Palace were just a few of the national monuments I got to see and visit on a weekly basis. Being apart of such focused classes in England allowed me to get a real understanding of their government and culture, but surprisingly an even better look at my own.

Nothing compares to studying abroad. Sure, you can always travel and visit a country for a week or two, but that can never compete with living there, being immersed in your new city. Just visiting London, you’d overlook the fine details in all the apartment buildings in the inner city streets. You wouldn’t stumble upon the best Italian restaurant that’s hiding underneath an old jazz bar. You would probably over look street performers on every corner or through each underground station exit because you were in a hurry. You also wouldn’t become a regular at the coffee shop down the street where you meet people from over 30 countries and you find yourself meeting another Kansas native just getting a cup of coffee. Studying abroad gave me chances I could never replace like becoming a regular in the local pubs, joking with the new friend I’ve made in my cashiers, and having coffee with people from all over the world. My eyes were opened wide to every detail, the sounds of the fast city, the calm of the Thames River, and the patient hustle of so many people. Living in England enabled me the chances to hop on a train and go to the City of Love in the most inexpensive way.

Paris was the most incredible city, along with the museums, the music, the monuments, I probably had one too many baguettes but it was all well worth it. To see the countryside of France, the shores of Ireland, and explore so many of the different cities of England, you could say my study abroad trip was quite literally a dream come true. The memories I have will last a lifetime and if it wasn’t for all the help I had from Mac College, my reality would have just stayed my dream.

I can’t explain how grateful I am for the opportunities that Mac has given me in my four years here, and I’m so excited to be back for my last semester! When I left, I took an open mind and bright eyes with me. Now returning, my mind is more open to the incredible world we live in, my eyes can’t wait to explore and see more, and my heart is full. Returning to my college, I can say I am much more aware of my surroundings, recycling is easy, walking is a pleasure, and my family is a gift. I have a resounding new love for my planet as well as the people it contains. My love for exploration and travel have planted themselves deep into my core, pushing me to go further than ever before.

This study abroad experience has become part of my life forever, inspired me, taught me more than any classroom ever could, and I couldn’t have done any of it without my Mac. It’s good to be back in my wheat fields, my wide open skies, my land of Oz, where all the magic began. Now to conquering my next big adventure of graduating this May, ending the greatest chapter of my life only to start the next, but never forgetting the inspiring people I’ve befriended or the amazing opportunities McPherson College has given me!


Until the next adventure,