Grand Spring Break: A Much Needed Break


By Kody Bowden

For every college student, spring break is the week ís break that everyone needs. Counted down from the day the semester begins, this magical week gives us all the stress relief we need to push through the last months of the semester. While many flock to the beaches either in Texas or Florida, other simply go home and enjoy being with family and friends. I had the opportunity to spend time with family as well as seeing some of the most beautiful parts of the United States.

My mother and I began our spring break trip with an eighteen-hour car ride from Wichita, Kansas to Phoenix, Arizona. We originally had bought train tickets but some last minute hiccups forced us to go with plan B and drive the 1,000-mile distance. Leaving on Friday night around 8 p.m. we arrived at my sister’s apartment in Phoenix later the next day. Although the trip was long, it was extremely worth it.

Throughout the week we got to experience new restaurants, locations, and spend quality time together. We spent one entire day driving to the Grand Canyon and hiking in the areas surrounding it. We took a guided tour through Antelope Canyon, and free hiked at Horseshoe bend (a local free hike spot). On one of the sunniest days we took a horseback-riding trip through the mountains and down into a valley just outside of phoenix. I was able to do a photo shoot, get two tattoos, and go to the aquarium all in the matter of a day.

One of my favorite aspects of the trip itself was the food. On the way back from the Grand Canyon we ate dinner at Salsa Brava, one of the stops Guy Fieri made on ìDiners, Drive-Inís, and Dives.îOn the day of horseback riding, we ate dinner at Sushi Palace, a sushi place that serves dinner on a revolving belt and the food goes around your table. I tried Jack in the Box and In and Out for the first time and honestly loved both!

During the trip I was able to make new memories, relax, and enjoy some warm and sunny weather. Leaving the mountains, amazing weather, and new food places behind was not easy. My love for traveling has only increased on this trip and I highly encourage you to check out Phoenix if you are in that area. The weather alone is enough for me, but who knows what might catch your eye.