‘The Pound’ Student Union Basement Remodeled


By: Kody Bowen 

Over the summer as staff and students prepared to return for the fall
semester, some new changes were happing here on campus. The student union
basement, located underneath the cafeteria, underwent some remodeling over
summer break to make the space more inviting and usable. The basement of the
student union contains a small gym, mail services, and a space for students to
congregate and enjoy various campus activities. The updates and changes have
helped increase student involvement in activities and social events.

The remodeling began with a fresh red paint job including two large bulldog
logos and ‘Welcome to The Pound’ painted around them. All together there are now
black couches, small black bar tables and red bar stools, two water pong tables, a
pool table, a Ping-Pong table, and two TV’s. The space is now equipped to host
various campus activities all in one space. Events already held this school year
include: movie nights, water pong tournaments, McPherson Murder Mystery, board
game nights, and karaoke sessions.

Krystal Huerta is our current Intermural activities president, when asked
about the new updates to the basement of the student union her response was, “I
think the new space is awesome. It gives us students a relaxing place to go here on
campus that is conveniently located. For intermurals, it allows us to host small
tournaments like water pong during the lunch hour. Being located underneath the
cafeteria makes it easier for students to come participate.”

During the 2017-2018 school year, The Pound will be hosting events every
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Thursday evenings are designated game
nights.. Snacks, mockeritas, board games, and various table games will be provided
for all students. Friday evenings are designated movie nights. Before the movie (8
p.m. to 10 p.m.) students can come socialize while playing water pong, Ping-Pong,
and pool; at 10 p.m. there will be a movie showing with popcorn provided. Saturday
evenings are designated game and music nights. Students can come enjoy water
pong, pool, Ping Pong games, Darts, and other games while listening to music;
snacks and mockeritas will also be provided.
Check out The Pound if you haven’t had a chance, and come enjoy some fun
campus activities!