Healthy Heart Practices on Campus


By: Kody Bowen 

Throughout the month, various resident assistants have hosted
programming’s to bring people together and provide a wide selection of learning
opportunities. This week in Dotzour Hall, the R.A. programming was healthy hearts.
On Monday, November 13 th at 7:30 p.m. students were invited, via posters hung in
the hallways, to come learn about how to have a healthy heart. While listening to the
different ways to have a healthy lifestyle and heart, assorted snacks were provided.

Hosted by R.A’s Jamie Siess and Kaitlyn Hienis in the second floor lobby.
Jamie and Kaitlyn brought healthy snacks such as oranges, blueberries, dark
chocolate Hershey’s kisses, and almonds. As residents came through the lobby they
were encouraged to grab a snack or two and sit in the chairs while the two girls
talked about heart health. Kaitlyn went over ten easy things you can do to have a
healthy heart. Giving up smoking will add years to your life and help you have
healthy heart tissue, getting active by exercising everyday makes the heart stronger,
managing your weight reduces strain on the heart and other organs in your body.
Others included eating more fiber (at least 30 grams a day), cutting down on salt
intake, watching your blood pressure, drinking less alcohol, getting plenty of sleep,
eating more fish, and reading food label’s. These are only a handful of things that
you can do to stay healthy and improve heart function and longevity.

While Kaitlyn talked, Jamie encouraged student’s to try the assorted snacks.
Each snack provided something different to benefit your heart and other organs.
Healthy foods that you can eat to maintain your health include: flax and chia seeds,
spinach, fruits, avocados, olive oil, oatmeal, walnuts, vegetables, dark chocolate, and
beans. It is important to eat different colored foods because each color provides
your body with different antioxidants and nutrients. Eating right and exercising can
help reduce stress and susceptibility to sickness.

Keep your eyes open for flyers in the dorms signaling the next unique R.A.