Beauty In Everyone

Bulldog Edition


By: Tyler Dunn

Mcpherson Campus got a little ray of sunshine with the Beauty in Everyone project springing to life.  Over the last month little cards have been popping up everywhere, simply stating that “You Are Beautiful Today and Everyday” and promoting a message of positivity. Simple as it may be, the card only asks two things, firstly when the card comes into your possession take a picture with it and send it to the Instagram account Bulldog_Babez, and secondly and most importantly the card asks to be passed on. These simple little cards have opened our eyes to the beauty in our diversity, by giving people something meaningful to talk about. It’s nice to have an open dialogue of positivity. How many times a day do we stop and pause and make an attempt to brighten someone’s day, these days a little positivity goes a long way.  It takes less than a second to pass the card around, but the impact that it has on people lasts. There’s something to be said about a project that brings out a genuine smile, not the smile we bust out for family pictures, but the smile that pops out when someone takes time to be nice to us. Everyday we lose too many people to suicide, many just need one person to step up and speak out, we never know who’s looking at us for help. Sometimes a look is a cry for help, sometimes all we need is a small way to say “I’m here for you” and in some cases this small card can make a difference! Maya Angelou once said that “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength” and this project truly shows the beauty and strength in human kindness. Lastly for all you beautiful people reading this more information can be found on the bulldog_babez instagram page where all questions, comments, and concerns can be answered and addressed.

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