By: Tomi Simmons  

A phrase has created an outcry, awareness, and conversation of the sexual harassment and assault of people; the words that started it all is, me too. On Sunday Night the actress Alyssa Milano tweeted out, “Suggested by a friend: “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” The goal of women tweeting out me too, is to raise awareness on the problem of sexual assault around the world. As well, as to unify survivors together, and to let them know that no one is alone in this fight.

The movement was started all in response to the allegations and fallout of producer Harvey Weinstein sexually harassing and assaulting actresses. Many people were made aware of the  shame that victims have when they do speak up, but also how much is excused of people who are the assaulters. Bringing the problem to the light is the goal of this social media movement that has begun. Actresses such as Reese Witherspoon, Gabrielle Union, Anna Paquin, Rachel Wood, and many more have spoken up. According to CBS news, over twelve million people have participated in the me too movement, creating awareness in the issue that seems to be so extremely common.

The phrase however, has grown into many people sharing their sexual assault survivor stories, many have never told anyone and so it gave them a chance to speak for the first time, and many spoke up once more in order to inspire other survivors and to let the world understand that people must have accountability for actions.

For the future after this movement, the goal is to raise awareness on the idea that no means no, the definition of consent, and that absolutely no matter who they are or how they are perceived no one deserves to be harassed or assaulted.

Here at McPHerson College, the standards as far as the behavior in this area goes, are high. No always means no, silence is not yes, and the way a person dresses is not consent.  If you or anyone else has or is going through this feat, please do not be afraid to say me too, because


Here is a short  poem written by student that goes by pen name  tsimmswrites about sexual assault and the me too movement.:


Our body was supposed to be a temple

Our body was not supposed to be taken so soon

Especially taken by  someone we loved

Why did they take it?

Was it our fault?

Was it our clothes?

Did no mean yes now?

Our heart is heavier than this earth

Blame is upon us

Excuses for the thief

And our mouth is tied shut

We tied it ourselves

And suddenly

There is a crowd of closed mouths behind us

And with one whisper from the  crowd saying me too

There is a roar of it

And it’s not just a crowd

It’s an army now

And our hearts begin to lighten

Bodies remembering they are a temple