“NEW MINOR: Storytelling” 


By Lucy Bowman

Students at McPherson College can now pursue a minor in storytelling. This exciting addition to the Communications department will provide an opportunity for students across all majors to learn how to effectively tell stories and convey information. The courses required for this new minor will help students learn how to tell the stories of individuals, organizations, and communities. This is a skill set that everyone can use to benefit themselves, and the world around them.  

The minor is made up of courses from departments such as communication, English, theater, and art. The required courses include Public Speaking, Acting I, Photography I, Video Editing & Production, Podcasting, and Magazine and Feature Writing. Students must also choose between Advanced Expository Writing and Creative Writing. The courses add up to create a 19 hour major, presenting a rigorous yet reachable achievement for all students.  

Each of the classes provide opportunities for students to learn how to effectively share information. With public speaking and podcasting, students learn how to organize their message and draw in their audience. With photography and video editing, students learn how to tell a visual story. With writing classes, students learn to use written words to convey their points. Finally, acting teaches students to actually use their bodies in effective ways. No matter what a student’s future plans look like, there is an opportunity for them to enhance their skills and prepare for future careers with this storytelling minor.  

According to Becki Bowman, head of the communications department, this minor could be easily paired with just about any major on campus. The classes help people think about the kind of messages they want to share with their community, which is something that every student should understand. When discussing the minor, Bowman said, “I can’t think of a major this wouldn’t enhance.” All students on campus should consider pursuing the storytelling minor.