Wilgers publishes children’s book, “Savannah Spider”


By Taylor Starr 

Our very own Dr. Dustin Wilgers of the science department has authored three children’s books about Savannah Spider, Super Scientist. He wrote the first book, “Savannah Spider, Super Scientist Goes to School” in 2018, followed by “Savannah Spider, Super Scientist and the Science-Fair Mystery” in 2020, and finally “Savannah Spider, Super Scientist and the Summer the Bees Stopped Buzzing” in 2022. His book series is called the “Science Saves the Day Series.” Wilgers has always liked teaching all ages, interacting with young kids, and always tried to find ways to interact with them. He couldn’t do one-on-ones with every kid to teach them, so he wanted to try and do something to reach farther beyond what he could do personally. He wanted to expand his reach through writing a book about science. Therefore, Savannah Spider was born. When asked if there were going to be more additions to the Science Saves the Day Series he said, “Yes, but I am pausing the Savannah Spider series for now. I am in the middle of writing a younger child’s children’s book inspired by my trip to Ecuador. I got inspired to write a younger children’s picture book about how we are destroying the Amazon Rainforest with the focus being on a butterfly. This new project will most likely come out this summer, then I will come back to the Savannah spider series.” He has sold around 3,000 copies to almost every state in the U.S. across all three books. You can get his books from his own personal website (dustin-wilgers.square.site) or on Amazon.