Frank Gersich joins mc business faculty 


By Sara Asher 

Frank Gersich has been teaching since 1979 and this fall, he started his position at McPherson College. He grew up in north Minnesota and went to University of North Dakota for his undergrad. He then went to graduate school where he focused on Business Education, which focused on Accounting and Economics.       Gersich and his wife got married on August 1, 1998, and had twins.  His son lives in Kansas City working in marketing. While his daughter lives in Chicago with her husband and three-year-old. She is working as a Certified Public Accountant at a law firm. He loves spending time with his granddaughter spoiling her. Both of his children have talked about coming to visit them over the summer.    Gersich and his wife agreed to move back to Kansas when she retired. Gersich wasn’t quite ready to retire so he applied to work here, where he teaches classes like survey of accounting and principles of business management. Professor Gersich says his favorite part about his job is working with the students. He wants to create students who will come out of his classes with many tools on how to learn rather than just focusing on the content, growing not only with the content but as just a scholar who asks good questions and pushes for success. When it gets a little warmer outside Frank Gersich spends a lot of his time working on his flower garden. His favorite flowers to grow are lilies and zebra grass. He enjoys spending time outside on his porch reading. Gersich also likes to stay active and bike when the weather allows it. His plans for the summer include sightseeing around Kansas. He also plans on spending time with family.