Themed Housing Announced for 2023-2024


By Cynarah Rodriquez

Themed housing looks like the new trend for McPherson College for Fall 2023. Themed housing is now a choice for all on-campus students and the household is created by your personal likes and interests. Groups like women’s empowerment, STEM program, arts and crafts, acting, LGBTQIA pride and community are suggestions for these communities. Students are paired with others who have similar interests. Participants in themed housing will put on a lot of different events in the themed house. One good thing about this new housing option is that this is funded by Residence Life for the houses to host events and programs related to their shared interests and find others like who might benefit from living in this type of environment. Students are also allowed to move in earlier than the assigned on-campus date and it is free without any extra charges to do so.

With this new opportunity, it will allow others to find their groups and become more involved in student life as well as the college communities while finding friends and roommates who share the same likes and interests no matter what it is. If always having to look for new roommates or roommates are a challenge to find, this is a great alternative and a creative way to explore living options at McPherson as well as learning to work together with assigned roommates to host events and plan each one according to what all of participating students want to do. This new way of living for the college will allow everyone to get a better experience with housing and overall living at McPherson College while also having fun wile doing so. 

Deadline to apply for all housing for 2023-2024 is March 1.

For themed housing, apply here:

To apply for housing for 2023-2024, see here: