New Director of Library Services, Kristie Sojka


By Maggie Brown 

McPherson College’s 2021 school year has brought in quite a few new faculty members, including the new Director of Library Services, Kristie Sojka. From Wichita, Kansas, Sojka has been a librarian for about 11 years.  She has worked in Pre-K through grade five libraries, as well as public libraries and academic libraries.  For the last three years, Sojka worked at Friends University in Wichita as the head of circulation and instruction.  Sojka received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Wichita State University, and her Master of Library and Information Science Degree from Kent State University.  

    Sojka chose McPherson College because she was very impressed with the college when she accompanied her son on his campus visit last spring.  She was happy that the students leading their tour were very knowledgeable, and all the people they interacted with on campus were friendly.  When she saw the job opportunity, she just knew that this was a campus community that she wanted to be a part of.  Her goal for Miller Library is “to provide a welcoming space for all members of the McPherson College community.”  She enjoys meeting and interacting with students and would love if any students stopped by her desk to say hello!  On a more personal note, Sojka is a huge fan of true crime podcasts and shows, she also believes that her and a group of librarian friends would make excellent true crime detectives. Stop by her desk in the library and get to know our new Library Director a little better and help welcome her to McPherson College!