Dr. Nicholas Baldetti, executive director of healthcare initiatives


By Josh Rivers 

Dr. Nicholas Baldetti is a professor from Phoenix, Ariz. He teaches in the Health Science Program. He came to the Midwest for college football. He and his wife, Kylee, have three children: Blayne who is 11 years old, Liam who is 7 years old, and Lahna who is 6 years old. He earned his doctorate degree in Business Administration in Health Economics from Creighton University in Omaha, Neb. Before he came to McPherson College, he was the Executive Director of the Reno County Health Department in Hutchinson, Kan. and the appointed Health Officer for Reno County. He is also an assistant professor for the University Of Kansas Medical School’s Masters of Public Health Program. 

    Dr. Baldetti knew he wanted to be a teacher when he was striving to finish his Master of Education degree as a teaching assistant. He had a mentoring professor who really encouraged and fostered an interest in teaching collegiately. “Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the world. Everyone requires health services in some way, whether it is preventative care, or in response to acute and chronic issues. Additionally, the economic ramifications resulting from health outcomes at the population level interest one” said Baldetti. 

    Some advice Dr. Baldetti has for somebody in his shoes is, “make sure to pursue a field or type of work that provides you an internal sense of satisfaction when working toward a larger goal. Many times the day to day work is not what provides that gratification, but instead relating that work back to a greater goal is what motivates you and provides greater equality throughout your career.”  

    Some of his greatest accomplishments are providing for and ensuring that his family is healthy, happy and safe. Leading his local community through the beginning of COVID-19 response is one of his latest accomplishments as well as assisting Reno County Health Department in achieving public health accreditation. 

    One of the things he likes about teaching at McPherson is the atmosphere. He likes how the campus is very supportive and familial. What drew Dr. Baldetti to McPherson College was the opportunity to lead a new Health Science Program in educating future healthcare professionals who will strive to solve cost, access and quality challenges in healthcare while providing greater health services to disparaged and under-served communities that include communities in rural Kansas.