A defining moment


By Alyssa Lambert

Looking back at the beginning of this pandemic with the Coronavirus, and where we are now is a big step in our lives. I’d imagine for colleges all around the world, stress is high in faculty, staff and students. Everyone as a whole has been more online than in person, and with that comes struggles of teaching students, and the students processing the material. We all learn in different ways, and each teacher has their own individual way to teach. The teachers want us to thrive, and by being online and using digital resources to learn, we are changing history. For me, being a college student became more tricky. I’ve had to learn how to time manage my life in a way I can do school, work, and have a social life, on top of homework. History will be changing and this generation is going to be a big impact on it all.

      This is the defining moment in our lives for this generation. We are choosing who our president is and that will depict our downfall or uprise. What we want may not be the best solution but from here on out, we are the adults and we make the decisions as a group. I would say I see myself as a part of history. Every vote counts and with those votes, we will decide how to move forward out of this pandemic and get our economy back on top of its game. Each step of getting our lives back on track will consist of what the government has in store for us, and how we react. Step-by-step, we will get back on our feet and back to normal, but who’s to say what normal is now moving forward?

      Thinking down the road, when I am older, what would I tell my kids and grandkids? I would tell them first off, it was not as dramatic as everyone thought it was. We were scared to be near people, scared to go grocery shopping, required to wear itchy and hard-to-breathe-out-of masks, and we had no reason to be hoarding toilet paper. It was hard being in school and learning online when we were barely getting on our feet and running with online courses. Colleges who have the necessities to be in person, should not have been online, but due to the uprising scare of the virus, we were trapped in our houses, and isolated from all our friends. We felt imprisoned and now that it’s getting better, we feel like free people. Overall this virus had made a huge impact in our lives and made us take a big jump into the digital technology world.

This is in response to Prompt #4 from Campus ReBoot, an interactive documentary in collaboration with the University of Hartford and other colleges and universities in the US, China, and Australia. For more information and to see other responses, please visit the Campus ReBoot website here: https://susancardillo.wixsite.com/campusreboot