Life in a Day of a Student: Parker Hull


Parker took pictures to tell the story of his day on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, during the COVID-19 shelter-at-home order.


  1. Parker wakes up.
  2. He then brushes his teeth.
  3. First shower of the day.
  4. Coffee is necessary.
  5. On to homework.
  6. On to MORE homework.
  7. Getting some Taco Bell for lunch!
  8. Bring it back home, catch up with tv while eating.
  9. Designing some apparel for his brand.
  10. Take a photoshoot of some clothing for his brand. (Pictured is David Ross)
  11. More photoshoot! (Pictured is David Ross)
  12. More photoshoot! (Pictured is David Ross)
  13. Time to workout. (Pictured is Parker Hull)
  14. Second shower of the day (post-workout).
  15. Time to clean up the kitchen and do some dishes.
  16. With all those clean dishes, it’s time to make dinner.
  17. Decided to drive to a nearby lake.
  18. Ending the day with a nice sunset.
  19. But, Fortnight has to be played before bed.
  20. Finally, going to bed.