“Hollywood’s Bleeding” Rises To The Top


By Hannah Butler

          Post Malone’s long-awaited album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” was finally released Sept. 6, 2019. Ever since his debut in 2016, Post Malone has been making many hit songs that end up sitting at the top of the charts. Every chorus in his songs end up being catchy. Lyrics can end up getting stuck in peoples’ heads for weeks on end. While some of his songs’ themes have been cliché, his talents have progressed over the years.

          Post Malone, also known as Austin Post, is a singer and songwriter that made his debut with album “Stoney.” Ever since, his music is topping charts, and he’s won many awards, includ a Billboard Music Award, MTV Music Video Award and an American Music Award. These achievements have helped the singer climb the ranks in the music industry.

          I personally believe “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is a more unique album from Post Malone. It’s been topping the charts since its release. There are many other artists featured in his songs, like Halsey and upcoming artist DaBaby. Ozzy Osborne is one featured artist that threw me off. I wasn’t expecting this, but it makes me enjoy the song “Take What You Want” that much more. I’m not a fan of cliché rap themes, but Post Malone’s music can take a hold of you and put you in a dancing mood.