E-Sports Requires Dedication, Time


By Levi Elkins

          McPherson College has many sports that offer scholarships. However, one that is lesser known is the McPherson College E-Sports team. The “Overwatch” team practices were very informative to sit in on. When Amanda Cochran was asked about her difficulties on the team she said, “Finding time to practice extra is difficult, but otherwise it’s just doing what I’m supposed to and being where I need to, whether I’m sure of it or not.”  Although the game itself seems simple, getting good at it takes hard work and determination. The “Overwatch” team meets Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. pm and each player is expected to put in time outside of practice. They have to constantly change how they play as the game updates character stats or adds new characters so everyone on the team has to stay flexible and engaged in each match. On the team there are three roles and each role holds two spots. Meaning, though only six people are playing, without one of them preforming their jobs correctly they fall apart. When asked about his goals for the upcoming season, Coach George said “I’m hoping to help them level up as individuals and improve, but I’m excited to see them work as a team and break each players’ bad habits.” Being on the team isn’t as easy as picking up the game; there are a lot of expectations to uphold.