Fortnite: A Game or a Lifestyle?


By Greg Roller

Fortnite is the new trend among teenagers and young adults. It is a new cross-platform game that is in a battle royale mode. You start off jumping into a map from a flying bus and fight others until you are the last one standing. The game modes can be 1v100 or you can go teams of two versus other teams of two or go into squads which will be teams of four. This new game has brought back the excitement from online gaming that the community has been looking for since Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It has brought out the kid in adults again, staying up at all hours of the night to play. Many students here on campus are involved in the Fortnite grind. The game is free to play. One thing is for sure, this game succeeded all expectations. This game has caused long sleepless nights, new friendships, and the skipping of college classes.