Track and Field: Going the Distance


By Tyler Dunn

The McPherson track team has been setting records left and right, all events and all classes. The athletes have been stealing the spotlight at every competition that they attend. When the other competitors see McPherson track come step up to the line they already know they’re in for a race. McPherson Track is a force that is taking the KCAC by storm, and hitting the competition with everything they have.

Much of the success is coming from the athletes setting new standards for themselves with new personal bests. Genevie Rivera running the 200 in a time she didn’t think she could get coming into the start of the season. And fellow runner Amy Braimbridge setting a new KCAC meet record in the 400 with a time of 56.90 seconds, ultimately leading the women’s team to 4th place at the Pittsburg State University meet. One might ask how a team breaks school records and sets 22 personal records at one meet? The answer lies in the mindset of these dedicated athletes. You can find the track team in the weight room at all times, regardless of their scheduled times. All KCAC teams can say they put in the work, but not many can say that they go the extra mile like the McPherson Track team. They can be observed around campus training, in the cafeteria keeping to a strict diet, or in the library putting in the extra work for the classroom.

The track team is no stranger to hustle, but they are learning to be more than run of the mill athletes who just come and run/compete. They are working on becoming the best athletes, and students that they can be. That is where their success lies, in their commitment to excellence, their promise to persever. Despite the cold, the heat, the injuries, the pain, the long nights and the early mornings, they rise up with a strength that can’t be taken lightly. This is the key to the kingdom they are building. Armed with commitment and dedication there’s nothing these  dogs can’t accomplish. More than anything else they are hungry to compete, and that hunger is what will make them a force in the KCAC, that hunger is what defines this school’s athletics.