By Ronnie Floyd

Senior basketball Reno Gurley has stated, “expect the unexpected,” regarding the men’s basketball season. The men’s team started out the season with many people injured. Luckily, a couple of them have returned, including sophomore Brandon Carter. However, senior Reno Gurley has decided to redshirt this season due to his shoulder injury.

As of right now, the team is 1-8 for their seasonal record. They will succeed though, through adversity. Senior Captain Aaron Bachura says: “this is the best team I have been on since I have been here. The team chemistry is strong.” The boys are going to Puerto Rico during winter break for a tournament. While there, they plan to bond, experience a new culture, and of course win.

After they come back, the goal is to continue working towards the goal of nationals. Aaron Bachura has stated, “We plan to go to the national tournament at Hartman Arena.” The team will do this in a fast-paced game, pushing the ball up the court, and good solid defense to protect their basket.

In addition to their style of play, the team has core principals that they choose to follow.

They are toughness, meaning to keep having a tough mind, selflessness in the game and outside of it,  brotherhood with your teammates, and trust in your team with the ball and for them to do their job. Reno Gurley says: “These principles are the most important thing to the team as a whole. With following these principles and  plans, we can succeed this season.” Though the season started out rough, they are back on track to compete for their title.