New Tunes: New song with Chance The Rapper


By Ronnie Floyd

In September Chance The Rapper debuted his new song “First World Problems” on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” with vocalist Daniel Caesar. He had decided to release the single on the show because it was that format that made his debut his first song on his other album. The question is now, is this an introduction to a new project or album of his?

The lyrics pertain to the idea that he’s made fame, and now the question is what to do with it himself. He wants to be a great father to his daughter, yet he fears she will grow up without one. Chance The Rapper has struggled growing up and now that the struggle is gone, he misses it in some way. He addresses his fears of losing family and self-respect he had for simple objects. Yet still, he makes it known that these issues are “first world problems.” His message is that now that he’s succeeded, there has to be more to pursue while staying down to earth and true to himself.

The song has a hint of guitar and gospel vocalists in the background. Daniel Caesar sings the main background lyrics with Chance singing along and rapping. The beat is soft along with the words, until the ending. Once things heat up, one can tell it become soulful and full of life.

Hopefully, the song transitions into a project of some sort. As of right now, the song is only available on Youtube with over three million views.