Jigsaw Movie Review


By: Taylor Hires-Caulk 

I recently just went and watched the movie Jigsaw and it was a spectacular movie that I would recommend to people that enjoyed the rest of the Saw series. If you have not followed the rest of the Saw movies then I would recommend to not go and see the movie because you would not understand the ending or what is really going on throughout the movie at all.

The gruesome killing starts out at the beginning of the movie just like any other saw movie would. What I noticed about this saw movie was that it was both a prequel and a sequel. Jigsaw tries to get his victims to confess to the terrible crimes that they have all committed. The victims, of course, would not confess until the very end or not even at all because they ended up losing their life. All of the saw series are about people committing crimes and getting away with it and jigsaw wanting them to pay for it by playing a ‘game’. In all the games it involves some type of torture to yourself or someone else playing the game with you to stay alive. Jigsaw gives everybody a chance to beat the game and survive, but even when the victims do survive they end up being scarred for the rest of their lives.

In this movie it was all the same, but at the end it shows the person that takes over the games when Jigsaw dies and helped Jigsaw with everything along the way. When I watched this in theaters, I was so confused by the ending that I had to read about it online then understood it. I definitely think they should have made the ending more clear to people because I am a huge fan of the Saw series and was still a bit confused by the ending, but overall it was an awesome movie that I definitely recommend for all Saw fans.