Film Review: “Daddy’s Home 2”


By: Garrett Connor 

“Daddy’s Home 2” is a comedy movie that is enjoyable for all ages. Father Dusty and stepfather Brad decide to have a together Christmas so that the kids do not have to move from house to house. The idea was great until Dusty and Brad’s fathers come to town. Dusty’s father is a hard-nosed, old school father who has been out of his son’s life for five years. Brad’s father is the complete opposite. He is a loving father who shows how affectionate his love is towards his family. After a night of conversation, the plans change. Dusty’s father brings up the idea of going on a winter vacation and books a resort for the week. The whole family agrees with the idea and packs their bags. While this vacation is occurring, Dusty’s father keeps testing the “co-parenting” of Dusty and Brad. Drama escalates between the whole family throughout the movie, but the ending is something everyone should see. When looking for a movie around the holidays, make sure you pick a movie with Will Ferrell in the cast. He has shown that he can cheer up the holiday season with movies like “Elf” and “Daddy’s Home.” After watching the trailer, I did not believe that a second version of this movie would be possible. Will Ferrell with the help of Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, and John Cena made this movie hysterical. “Daddy’s Home 2” gives the viewers the enjoyment of watching an awkward family gathering, no one wants to be apart of. Although the plot is similar to the first movie, the actors use many types of humor to keep the viewers engaged. As I look back on the movie, I would recommend “Daddy’s Home 2” to all families over the duration of the holidays. I would give this film a 4 out of 5 because the comedy was there, but the plot was too similar with “Daddy’s Home.”