Thanksgiving Break


By Taylor Hires-Caulk 

My Thanksgiving break is something I already expected. I have not gone home in the last four years for Thanksgiving which sucks, but I am used to it now. I feel like a lot of people from McPherson college, especially athletes do not get to go home for Thanksgiving just like me because we live way too far away to just go home for a week. Since it is my senior year, this will be my last year I will spend Thanksgiving without my family. I can not wait to be eating real Thanksgiving food again! Yum! This year will be a bit more exciting than the other ones because I get to spend it with my boyfriend Jeromy. My plans for the week are to workout, relax, shop, and of course to the crazy amount of homework that I have. Black Friday is one of my favorite things to do. I am so excited for it, but I am not so excited for all the crazy lines and people. I love all of the crazy amount of great deals that you get, but having to wait in those super long lines is exhausting. My boyfriend has never been Black Friday shopping, so I will be taking him with me. I honestly think he will hate it, but once he sees all of the amazing deals he might change his mind. I also have to do a video project for one of my classes dealing with Black Friday shopping, which will be in the way of my shopping, but I think it will be a pretty cool video with all of the craziness at the mall that’s going on. Thanksgiving break also gives me a great amount of time to just relax and I have definitely needed that. Softball and school can get very stressful, but I am glad I get this break to cool down a little bit. I am excited for this break to be over with at the same time because then we are so much closer to the semester ending and Christmas break approaching, then I finally get to go home and see all of my family! Overall, I am so thankful for this break and I can’t wait for this semester to finally be over!

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