Campus Blowout 2024 gets a Tropical Twist


By Nathan Cartmell

As the academic year draws to a close, the McPherson College campus community looks forward to the annual Campus Blowout in May. This much-anticipated event marks the end of another successful year of academic achievements, personal growth, and vibrant campus life. Students, faculty, and staff come together to celebrate their hard work and dedication, and to express their enthusiasm for the coming summer break. 

This year’s theme, “Mac-aritaville,” is inspired by the iconic restaurant chain, Margaritaville, owned by the late musician, Jimmy Buffett. Known for his laid-back attitude, beachy tunes, and island-inspired lifestyle, Jimmy Buffett has captured the hearts and minds of generations of fans. The Campus Blowout is a chance to pay homage to this iconic figure and to enjoy the music, food, and atmosphere that he represents. 

I have been a lifelong fan of Jimmy Buffett and his music, so last year’s news of his passing was devastating for me. I am quite eager to see how the college pays tribute to this legendary figure in music history. In keeping with the theme, the vibe is expected to be laid back and tropical, like Buffett’s music. With the Mac-aritaville theme, everyone is encouraged to dress up in tropical attire and have a good time. As the school year ends, Campus Blowout is a fantastic opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to unwind and have fun before the summer break.  

Overall, Campus Blowout in May is coming and it is quite exciting. Both as a celebration of a successful academic year and as a tribute to the legendary Jimmy Buffett, the Campus Blowout in May is a truly special event that promises to be memorable for all who attend. Whether you are a student, faculty member, or staff member, this event is a chance to connect with others, celebrate your accomplishments, and enjoy the carefree spirit of Jimmy Buffett’s music, and possibly find that lost shaker of salt. 


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