Aaron Rodgers for Vice President? 


By Daryn Stack

Now I know that you may think that this is an April Fools article, but surprisingly, you would be wrong in that assessment. Almost a week ago Kennedy’s campaign decided to make it known that current New York Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is being considered as a Vice President for Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Now it is unlikely that Rogers chooses to run for office but that does not mean the story ends there, as other names like the former Minnesota governor and retired WWE star, Jesse Ventura, as well as Michael Rowe, known for being the longtime host of ‘Dirty Jobs’ are also up for consideration. Michael Rowe was seen on CNN, responding to the news of him being listed on RFK’s short list, and the possibility of being his running mate. He talked about getting to talk to RFK and hearing his beliefs which is when Rowe was asked if he had ever thought about running for office before. Rowe stated how gratifying the experience was. Now this may just be a PR stunt in an effort to gain popularity amongst voters who are still undecided or less serious about voting, but it is one that in the long run might just help further extend his campaign and, against all odds, put up a fight.  


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