Top 6 Places in McPherson to Eat for Picky Eaters 


By Sofia Ramirez 

As a first-time freshman going to McPherson College and being an out-of-state student, it has been hard adjusting to new environments. Where some of us are from, we often have a very wide variety of options when it comes to food. However, here there aren’t as many places as back home. This can be especially hard for picky eaters, such as myself, along with some of my closer peers. We collected a list of the top 6 places in McPherson to eat for picky eaters! 

6) Chinastar 

Pros: Chinastar has a menu full of different options to try as well as a buffet that opens in the afternoon. You can pick and choose whatever you want at the buffet so your meal doesn’t have to include any foods you aren’t as fond of. 

Cons: The food is a bit simple and it lacks a little in flavor, but nothing sauces can’t fix! 

5) Woodies BBQ 

Pros: Woodies BBQ has several options of meat you can choose from as well as a variety of sides, such as mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.  

Cons: All dishes revolve around meats so those who don’t fancy meat as much will have a hard time choosing a meal here. 

4) Neighbors Cafe 

Pros: Neighbors Cafe has plenty of breakfast and lunch options from sweet to salty. They have almost everything from pancake platters to shrimp dishes. The sides of fries are also very mouth watering. 

3) La Fiesta 

Pros: La Fiesta has a wide variety of delicious options on their menu, there is always something for everyone! They offer dishes with meat and dishes without. There are also simpler options such as a chicken or beef quesadilla. 

Cons: Not everyone likes Mexican food.   

2) Naoko Hibachi Japanese Express 

Pros: A Japanese food truck that serves incredibly good food. Several McPherson students have tried the food and loved it. Their dishes consist of common foods like rice, chicken and other options of meat, and noodles. The portions can also serve 2-3 people! 

Cons: It’s a little pricey.  

1) 5 Loaves Country Diner  

Pros: 5 Loaves is much like Neighbors Cafe, however they serve lunch and dinner as well. The portions of food are great and the menu has plenty of options widely accepted by picky eaters such as burgers, fried chicken, shrimp dishes, and more. They also have delicious desserts such as pumpkin and apple pies. 

Cons: There are no cons!