Students Raise Concerns Over Cafeteria Food 


By Nathan Cartmell 

Many people on the McPherson College campus have complained about the food made at the Student Union, better known on campus as “the caf.” While at first glance, the food might be seen as decent, if not inconsistent, there are a few major issues that need addressing.  

First, quite a few students have reported that the food served at “the caf” doesn’t account for individuals’ allergies and dietary needs. While there is a dietitian on campus once a week, the food served isn’t always properly labeled as gluten-free or healthy to certain dietary restrictions. More specific labeling and increased variety would likely help with this problem, as it would give more choice and less risk to people who are watching what they eat.  

Another major concern for students is that the method of serving has changed. While last year students could serve themselves, giving them more control over what portions of food they eat, this year the method is different. The cafeteria workers serve the students in the main lines, which is supposed to cut down on food waste. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working all that effectively, as food waste is still consistently happening. People are still throwing away food just as much as they were before, and sometimes more in certain cases. For example, when I go through a line to get fries, I usually get more than I want, so I inevitably end up throwing more away. With the previous method of self-service, that would effectively not be a problem, but the method has changed, and many students are not satisfied with the changes that have been made.  

While the arguments made by the administration are valid, they are ultimately misguided in my opinion and I believe that there are more effective ways to combat the waste problem, such as providing self-service again.