The Lover Era is Officially Over 


News broke on April 8th that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have ended their six year long relationship. The news has shaken the internet and fans are speculating as to why this relationship ended. According to People Magazine, an exclusive interview with a source close to the couple confirmed that the differences between the two had become too much and Joe wasn’t comfortable with Taylor’s level of fame.  

This news is incredibly shocking especially considering the fact that Taylor has an entire album dedicated to Joe. The “Lover” album released in 2019 has many odes to her relationship with Joe and there are several songs on her more recent albums that relate to their love. This breakup between the two allegedly happened a few weeks ago, and at Taylor’s last show she switched out a song on her setlist that lead fans to believe that this news is true. A song called “invisible string” that was clearly written about Joe, was swapped out for “the 1” which is a song about wishing someone was the one for you and longing on what could’ve been. She was also seen crying during a breakup song titled “champagne problems” at one of her Arlington shows.  

Fans are anxiously waiting for Taylor to speak out about these allegations and confirm or deny the information that’s been taking the world by storm this week.