By Israel Acosta 

For the this issue os Cars Corner, we’ll have a look at Tyler Menard’s 1931 Ford Model A that he has owned for about a year. Menard is a Senior in the Automotive Restoration program who is known for his talents in buying and selling cars for good prices. 

    This ‘31 Model A is a product of one of those good deals. Menard had wanted a Model A for quite some time, so the moment one popped up for a price he liked he jumped on the opportunity. After minor upkeep and servicing of the Model A, Menard simply began driving the car as soon as it was registered. Menard said that driving his car is his favorite thing about the car because of how involved you have to be while driving. This includes having to control the timing and fuel with levers on the steering wheel and other controls using technology from 90 years ago. This is all part of the charm that draws Menard to his Model A of course. 

    The three things that Menard feels from owning and enjoying his Model A are 1) simply basking in the nostalgia of the Model A itself with vintage styling and mechanics. He also has 2) gained a great sense of pride from the happiness that it brings to the people he shares the car with. This includes giving friends rides in it, driving it around, and showing it at events for everyone to enjoy, not just himself. Menard also said that 3) owning the Model A keeps him motivated to learn everything he needs to know about the car to ensure he can keep driving it. For example, Menard told me recently was forced to do a roadside repair while out on a cruise to make it home. Because he was mentally prepared, as well as had sufficient tools with him, he was able to fix his 90-year-old ride and drive it home. 

    Menard’s story reflects the love that goes into not only enjoying our cars as they are but also reminds us to embrace the learning experience that is always associated with owning a classic car. See you next time on Cars Corner.