Aspen Ladd removed from UFC for Missing Weight 


By Phebe Lyne

UFC female division fighter Aspen Ladd has been removed from the roster after missing her weight for the third time. Her weight was 138 pounds, while her class’s weight requirement was 135. It was her third weight miss this year and her fourth in her whole career, which caused the officials to cancel the fight between her and McMann; who was her opponent for that night. 

For those not familiar with how the weight classes work in MMA, there are different classes each with a weight requirement. Depending on how over or under you are in the weight requirement, the fight could still go on, or it could be cancelled or postponed by the officals. For Ladd’s case, it was cancelled. 

Ladd has missed weight in the UFC three times this year, which meant she was then removed from the UFC roster, but recently she has signed a new contract with another division, which is the PFL or the Professional Fighter’s League.