The Definitive Top 10 Places to Sit at McPherson College


By Toby Leigh Leffew

It is surprising how many activities revolve around chairs (and chair adjacent objects), especially in the daily life of a college student. You sit down to watch television, you sit down to study, you sit down to eat and you even sit down just to relax! However, it is my personal philosophy that if someone is going to do something a lot, they might as well do it with high quality materials. Relaxing is no exception.

This list is a compilation of the best sitting places at McPherson College. To qualify for the list, an object must be a chair, or a chair adjacent object (couch, bench, ex cetera). I will not be including places where you could sit that were not made for that purpose. I will also not include any chairs that are typically barred from the access of most students. I will judge the seats based on their location, their level of comfort, any special features and their view. However, seats will not be judged by what typically occurs when you are in them (for example, I will not judge the cafeteria seating because you can eat in them). With that being said, let’s not postpone this any longer!

Top Ten Seats in McPherson:

Honorable Mention: The Balcony Seats in Brown Auditorium              

The seats in Brown Auditorium are all good, but the balcony seats are just sublime. Even without the cushioning that the lower seats have, these chairs have the best view in the house. They’re not that comfortable, but they’re not painful to sit in. The view, however, is the most stunning aspect. You can really take in how majestic Brown Auditorium is. It’s an 8/10, for sure.

However, there’s one big problem: People (save for a select few) are typically not allowed to go up there. It’s dope as heck, but no seat is worth getting in trouble over. Don’t go up there.

10 – The Red Swing Bench Outside of Dotzour

The Red Swing Bench Outside of Dotzour is a very popular sitting place, especially with the residents of that dormitory. It’s not as comfortable as other places on this list, but…come on. It’s a swing. You can’t get picky with swings, especially considering this is the only swing (that I know of) on campus. I’d rate it a solid 5/10. 

9 – Hess Couches

When you walk into Hess, just past the piano, you’ll see two little couches. These couches might also be described as loveseats because they can only seat two people. These loveseats are homey and secure. They’re also placed in a very convenient place. If you’re early to a class in Hess, the couches are a great place to take some time and relax. I’d rate these a solid 6/10.

8 – Rocking Chairs in Dorm Rooms

Who knew that one of the best places to sit would be in your own dorm? These chairs are great because they’re decently comfortable and they’re available 24/7. It’s like the 7/11 of chairs, it may not be the best, but it’s there and it’s convenient. These chairs rock, 6/10.

7. Swivel Chairs in Miller 105

            Usually, standard office chairs wouldn’t have made it so far on to the list. But these chairs are very good at their jobs. They’re comfortable enough, albeit a little too cushy. They spin nicely, and they also allow for a decent amount of leaning back. I’d rank these chairs higher, but as we will discuss in the next entries, there are still better places to sit. Also, Miller 105 is a seminar room, so it might not always be available for students. Overall, I’d give a 7/10 to these chairs.

6. Miller Library Red Couch

In the basement of Miller Library, under the stairs, there is a massive red couch. It’s shaped like an “L” but sitting in it feels like a “W”. It’s comforting in a way that reminds me of home, and it has plenty of room to stretch out on. However, this couch has one fatal flaw. It’s close to some of the education classrooms, and if you’re sitting down on this couch during a class, it might be a little noisy. This couch earns a 7/10!

5. Melhorn Lobby Chairs

Based on the title of this section, you don’t have to think very long about where to find these chairs. These short, stout chairs provide a refuge for students waiting for their classes. They’re low to the ground in a sublime feeling way, and they’re just…good. I’d say they’re a solid 7.5/10, mainly because they’re good, but they’re not that special.

4. Miller Chair by the Narrow Table

On the west side of the first floor of Miller Library, there is a very special chair with a very unassuming appearance. This chair has a long, narrow table next to it, which is perfect for holding small objects. The seat is wide, but not as wide as a love seat, providing loads of space for just one person. It’s wide, high arm rests are great for, well, resting your arms. It’s also a little bit quieter than the couch in the basement because it’s not too close to a classroom. I really like this chair, so it earns an 8/10!

3. Harnley Garden Benches

Right outside of Melhorn Hall, is a peaceful community garden, with plants, a small brick monument, and a bench under a tree. This bench provides a shady, open-air place to relax. The bench may just be a bench, but despite its unassuming nature, its location earns it an 8.5/10. I’d score it higher, but it’s not always nice outside, so this isn’t always a nice place to sit.

2 – Miller Top Floor Chairs 

Walk up the stairs in Miller Library, and you’ll see some tables by the windows facing Mohler Hall. Those tables contain chairs, and even though those chairs seem like normal desk chairs, they’re surprisingly nice. Their comfort level is slightly above average, but their true value is in their location. The upper floor of Miller Library is purely silent and has a gorgeous view of the trees outside. It’s quite serene! These chairs earn a solid 9/10, coming just short of perfection. They’re good, but I can’t put them in first place, because I know a better chair…

1 – Swivel Lounge Chair in The Pound

I am of the firm belief that the spinny lounge chairs in The Pound are not only the most magnificent chairs on campus, but EASILY the best chairs I’ve ever relaxed in. The comfort level these chairs provide is immense. They’re soft, but not too soft, providing support where you need it and cushioning everywhere else. However, that’s nothing compared to the chair’s special abilities. They rock, both metaphorically and literally. You can rock these bad boys. You can also spin in them, which is a bonus. These are the renaissance men of chairs. They’re renaissance chairs if you will. They do it all, and they do it all well. It doesn’t even matter that the view of The Pound isn’t the greatest view, all that matters is the chair itself. It’s the perfect chair, without a shadow of a doubt. 10/10, anything less would just be heresy.