The Slow Rush: Music Review


By Hannah Butler 

Tame Impala’s new album “The Slow Rush” was released in February 2020. You might have heard their song, “Borderline,” as it became a huge hit sound on TikTok used by many users. Compared to their 2015 album “Currents,” this album feels hazier and has more of the psychedelic-pop vibe. It also has more synth and feel less like rock like their album “Lonerism.” The guitar is just less present in “The Slow Rush.”  

    The songs on this album can be catchy and make you feel like dancing, or they can make you want to sit back and relax. The diversity is unique on this album and everything is put together by Kevin Parker, the front man, himself.  

    I personally love this album. Tame Impala is a more unique alternative band that has a different sound than what you hear on the radio today. It’s great to know they are getting more exposure because anyone can jam out to their songs, whether it’s their rock era or more of their synth vibe. I definitely recommend them if you listen to alternative/indie bands. Also, if you like funky, techno beats with some fun synth it’s up your alley.