Officers not indicted for Taylor’s death


By Alex Goodloe

Say her name!” is shouted by many people all over the world in protesting the police brutality that killed Breonna Taylor. Taylor, a 26-year-old black woman, was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police Department officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove on March 13, 2020. LMPD entered the apartment of Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker using a battering ram to open the door. Kenneth thought it was an intruder and fired at the police. The LMPD then shot 32 times in return. Walker was unharmed but Taylor was shot six times in her sleep and died from her injuries. Her death was very emotional for her family and friends as well as the Black community. In June  2020, Brett Hankison got fired by the LMPD because he blindly fired through the patio door of Taylor and Walker’s apartment. On Sept. 23, 2020 a Grand Jury indicted Hankison not for Taylor’s death, but on three counts of wanton endangerment for endangering the neighbors. The two other officers involved in the raid were not indicted. The non-indictment of these officers led to protests in Louisville as well all over the United States.