MC Automotive Restoration starts their Path to Pebble


By Brittany Merkel

It is clear to see that our school cares about their Automotive Restoration students; the only people more serious are the students themselves. For those who do not know, Templeton Hall is currently home to a project 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300S Cabriolet. It was bought by the college after being in a bad accident; with the goal to be fully restored by students. This car is the first remake of the body style after World War II and was originally produced with the intentions to reenter the American market.  

Students who meet the requirements can be hired on the project; this is something that has never been done before. The car will be fully restored by students, hopefully sometime in 2022. Currently, the plan is to show it at Pebble Beach with the goal to win in 2023. 

Pebble Beach Concurs D’Elegance is essentially the best of the best; with thousands of applicants and only about 200 automobiles make it to the field. To win a spot, there are harsh requirements and the restorations are left to the professionals. Since ours will be fully student-restored it is a huge deal for us to even make the field.  

Stay tuned for Path to Pebble updates as your classmates continue work on the Mercedes 300s project. 

    Mission- “To be the center of excellence for students serious about Automotive Restoration” 

    Vision- “By 2023 McPherson College will compete to win at Pebble Beach”