Cars on the corner with Mason Duffey


By Mason Duffey 

While there are a lot of car enthusiasts in the industry who prefer to do a pristine restoration and trailer their car from one car show to the next, there are also enthusiasts who have a passion for simply driving their classics. Student Noah Huls is in the latter group; he’s not concerned with keeping his car in pristine condition or worrying about the potential problems of daily driving a classic car because for him it deserves to be driven as much possible.  

His car is a 1950 Dodge Meadowbrook that he bought his freshman year of high school. The previous owner won the car in a poker game in 1956 and was more than willing to cut a deal with Huls. The car was in relatively good condition but was in need of an engine rebuild. So that was where he started, meticulously rebuilding the engine and restoring it to how it would have looked when it was brand new. Huls wants to keep the car original rather than hot rodding it so he spent a lot of time making sure the engine was how it would have been in 1950, going as far to apply reproduction decals where the originals once were.  

On the outside, the car wears its original shade of black that has become faded and scratched in the past 70 years. The car doesn’t sport the flashiest looks, but its patina tells the story of a car that is being enjoyed by its owner. Huls claims his favorite part of his car is just driving it and sharing the experience of a classic car with others. He enjoys taking people for rides as well as letting other people drive his car. He also talked about how much fun it is to drive a classic car all year, stating that some of the most fun he’s had with the car is driving during the winter. 

He plans on keeping it original as possible and continuing to drive the Dodge for as long as possible and sharing the car with others. After graduating he hopes to open his own shop specializing in radiator and engine repair.