COVID-19 classes split between online, in-class


By Alyssa Lambert

With COVID-19 cases increasing all over in the United States, my classes have been split up, online and on-campus. Living off-campus and in a completely different town makes my life tricky for school. My schedule consists of going to school for one class, then an online class, and repeat throughout the day. Being online frees up more of my agenda to go to work more often. I can stay up later to get homework done, and above all I can help my family with things they need to get done around the house. Although it gives me more time away from the school, homework can get more exhausting not learning what to do in person. During this time I believe the most important part for us students and teachers is to stay communicating. If I miss a class, I tell them why and ask what was done in class. 

Online classes depend on how the teacher is doing, and if they feel comfortable being around students in person. With online classes I participate in, we meet once a week on Zoom, and throughout the week we have an agenda to complete. Forums are written out, assignments are done and turned in before the class time on Mondays. Even in my hybrid class I turn in homework on Sunday nights, and have the whole week to take my time and turn them in. I also have to attend the class in a small group at the designated time and location to learn hands-on and get experience. As COVID-19 may block some fundamentals of my classes, I would rather have these classes than no classes at all.

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