Welcome New Faculty and Staff


Billy Holdeman-Bass, Academic Records Coordinator

By Meghan Smith

          This year at McPherson College, one of the new faces on campus is Billy Holdeman-Bass. He is the new Academic Records Coordinator, located in the Registrar Office. Holdeman-Bass learned about this position from an alumnus of McPherson College. After talking about his interview with Tricia Hartshorn, Bass-Holdeman stated that he was “pretty sold from the beginning. Just seeing how people were here, the environment, we are dedicated to our students, and that we are working together for a common goal.” Although he has worked mostly in nursing, Holdeman-Bass likes taking on the challenge of the policies, procedures, and strict regulations that come with his new position. When asked what his favorite part of the job is so far, Holdeman -Bass quickly responded by saying that he “likes our students and that we just have a good population of people to work with.” In his free time, Holdeman-Bass likes to spend time with his dog, sing, cook and read.