Shooting in NZ


By: Tomi Simmons

On March 16, 2019 terror struck two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to CNN, a twenty- eight year old named Brenton Harrison Tarrant was charged with murder. Officials found an eighty-seven page manifesto that contained anti-immigrant and muslim remarks. At least fifty people were killed and another fifty were wounded. 

Quickly after the situation, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, released a statement that New Zealand will soon be administering strict gun control laws. The Police Association President also released a statement saying, “There is no place in the upcoming debate for the radical gun lobby which has made its presence felt in previous attempts to make our country safer,” he said. “That input undoubtedly contributed to the rejection of most of the select committee recommendations on tightening our gun laws.”

He continued to speak about America saying, “We have seen what happens in the United States when gun radicals are involved. Nothing. That is not good enough for New Zealand.”

According to NPR, a gun control bill will be placed on April 12 for New Zealand. This new law, the Arms Amendment Bill, will ban many semi-automatic weapons and prohibit the sale or importation of shotguns that hold more than five cartridges, 

Both parties in New Zealand agreed to this bill, and gun lobbyists claimed that gun control is necessary to the safety of the country. After this bill, a second wave of legislation that addresses gun registry will occur.

Due to the tragedy, the community of New Zealand and rest of the world has come together to support one another and to mourn those who were lost in the attack. After the terror attacks, memorial services were held and women around New Zealand wore hijabs to commemorate the dead. 

New Zealand is currently in a place of healing with the chance to move forward.