The McPherson MakerSpace


By: Chloe Jones

Get Creative! Check out the McPherson County MakerSpace.

McPherson has long been a town full of creative minds and free thinkers. For years there has been a want and a need for a place that adults can go to be creative. Well, we finally have it: the McPherson County MakerSpace.

Before now, there was an ongoing conversation throughout the city about having a space like this. The idea was brought to the McPherson Chamber of Commerce where several more people showed interest. Michael Yates and a few of his friends decided that they could get this project started, and they were fast at work.

Opening May 1st, the McPherson County MakerSpace will have tools and equipment such as 3D printers, vinyl cutters, woodworking tools, welding machines, sewing machines, a textile room with a quilting machine, a glowforge (another type of 3D printer), and so much more. With this type of machinery, the MakerSpace is bringing great new technology into McPherson.

All of this technology might seem overwhelming. However, you will be trained on how to operate all of the machines in the facility. One membership costs $35 per month, giving you 24 hour access to anything you’ve been trained and authorized to use. If you’re extra excited, you can pay for the first 12 months upfront for $300. This is a discounted rate of $25 monthly, and if you’re one of the first 100 to do this, you’ll be locked in at $25 per month for life.

Some additional information to note: You must be 18 or older to have a membership and operate machinery. If you’re worried about security, there is no need to be! The facility will be equipped with security cameras throughout, to make sure that people are only operating equipment they are authorized to, and that members are the only people using the equipment. The address is 115 N Main St. here in McPherson.

This is a very exciting opportunity for adults with creative minds who don’t have the space or materials to try new things or work on DIY projects. The McPherson County MakerSpace will bring and encourage the “spirit of creating,” according to Michael Yates, one of the minds behind the MakerSpace. So if you’re feeling creative, check it out!