Guilty Gardener


By: Kenzie Jansonius

67-year-old serial killer Bruce McArthur pled guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder on January 29th. The landscaper and part-time mall Santa Claus was caught red handed in January of last year when Toronto police went to his home to arrest him and found a man tied to his bed. After releasing the potential victim and getting his statement, the house was searched. Police found the murder weapon, surgical gloves, zip ties, syringes, and the jewelry of several victims in the apartment. On McArthur’s hard drive they discovered photographic evidence containing sexually explicit images of his victims divided into seven separate file folders labelled with the names of the victims and the dates of when they were killed. An eighth folder labelled with the name of the man police found tied to the bed was also discovered. The killings ranged from 2010 to 2018, and body parts from multiple victims have been discovered in garden planters in homes where he worked as a landscaper. While the killer is in custody, the panic he induced remains, especially in the LGBTQA+ community of Toronto.