Why the NFL is on Top


By: Armond McCray

American professional football is the most popular sport in the country according to most polls and surveys that are out. With that being said I am really not surprised that the National Football League is bringing in some of the top numbers out of the sports leagues across the world. Because of the crazy number of fans there are across the world, like myself, the NFL is able to generate and bring in monster revenue numbers every year. The bulk of the NFL‘s national revenue comes from the league’s TV deals. If you ask me, the amount that they are receiving for these TV deals is a testament to its fans and how much they watch and support their teams. The money from those deals are split evenly by all 32 teams, but we can arrive at a total number of $7,808,000,000 from last year. So, not only does the entire league bring in a ton of money, but each individual team does as well. Some teams obviously bring in more than others due to a bigger fan base.

The team that has had arguably the greatest influence in turning American football into one of the biggest businesses is the Dallas Cowboys, as much as it pains me to say it. The Dallas Cowboys have had a constant, annoying, support system in the fans. Despite my hatred for them, they are actually known as the “Americas team” due largely to their wide fan base. According to the numbers the Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise. The franchise was valued at 4.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2017.

The average crowd number for NFL games is currently 68,331 people. While the numbers for the NBA are 17,319 people, and the MLB is at 30,023 people per game. I personally have been to NFL and NBA games and I would definitely say that the NFL game was overall the more involving and exciting experience. These factors all contribute in proving that American football is not only a sport, but also one of the biggest businesses in the country.