Spoiler Alert: Star Wars Movie Review


By: Ben Falconer

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was released over winter break, which
was a hit or miss it seems. But I think it was a major hit. The episode was a
great addition to the trilogy, bringing old memories to the viewers along
with it feeling new. The biggest things I believe the characters and the
story represented in this episode are manipulation, teamwork, power and
importance. These lessons are shown throughout the entire movie. We see
manipulation through a new form of communication within the force between
Kylo Ren and Rey. The two young Jedi can somehow have a FaceTime like
communication where they only see each other for about a minute. Kylo uses this to his advantage by manipulating Rey to turn against Luke. Teamwork is pretty obvious throughout the entire film. Rey and Chewbacca are fetchingLuke, which has now turned into a training mission for Rey. Finn and a new character, Rose, are searching for codes to hack into the First Order ship so the rebellion can seek safety. Meanwhile everyone in the ship are working their hardest not to be caught. Everyone is fighting for the same purpose, to get who and what is left of the rebellion to safety. Power and importance seem to go hand and hand in the film. Rey learns how to connect the force and uses it in many ways, some good and some bad. Kylo Ren finds his extreme power by the end of the movie which he uses to distract and kill his leader, Snoke. We also see Luke Skywalker who is afraid his teachings are dangerous, from his past experiences, and whether or not he should teach Rey. Yoda comes back as a ghost to motivate him and Luke
eventually shows off his incredible power with the force, in a way we have
never seen before, at the end of the movie. These were only a few small
parts of the film that made it great. The story line is amazing and shown
well by telling many stories both new and old. The feeling of memories
from the past and the new stories we know will have a future are what I
believe make this film amazing.