Senior Spotlight: Amanda Connell


By: Logan Hartman


Amanda Connell is a Music and Business major and also a member of the softball team here at McPherson College.

Connell grew up in Wichita, Kansas and is a graduate of circle high school in Towanda, Kansas. Connell first fell in love with baseball and softball when she was younger and would spend days at the ball park watching her older brother play. From a young age she began playing t-ball and continued to play through for 12 years into college where she made the commitment to play college softball for McPherson.

Connell began her academic career as a music education major, but after realizing she had other aspirations, decided to take advantage of McPherson College’s interdisciplinary major program and changed her major to music and business. Connell has applied and been accepted to two different law schools and has yet to decide where she would like to attend. Changing her major came from her realization that she didn’t want to be a teacher, but still wanted to be involved in music. She one day aspires to be become a lawyer representing musicians with personal property or copyrights and cases of that nature.

Connell is thankful for the faculty here at McPherson college, “ the faculty has been super supportive of everything I have been trying to do with my interdisciplinary degree, especially for someone like me who made such a drastic shift from music education to wanting to go to law school.” Connell leaves her peers saying “Try every experience you even remotely are interested in because you meet the most incredible people… take risks and don’t get set in one thing because life will throw you curveballs.”