By Shaelah White

The McPherson College Education Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi, attended Mid-America Nazarene’s annual “EdFlix” conference on Wednesday, November 1st. Advisors Vicki Schmidt and April Counts brought group members Ashley Unruh, Shaelah White, Lacy Fry, Whitney Murray, and Bailey Reinoehl. Kappa Delta Pi attended this conference to capture ideas for them to put on a conference like this at McPherson College. The conference is meant for high school students that want to be education majors. Colleges reach out to these students by showing them different engaging activities of being a teacher. Be on the lookout in the spring of 2018 for this event, as Kappa Delta Pi wants to put an event like this on at McPherson College. Senior elementary education major, Ashley Unruh says, “We want to inspire future teachers to come to our program. By putting something like this on, we are going to be able to prepare them and show them how amazing our education department is here at McPherson College.”