Black Friday


By: Issac Murphy

Black Friday is what everyone likes, and it is what everyone wants to do. It is a madness that we’ve made a holiday for, that everyone seems to enjoy. Now, to me the holiday season is suppose to be about coming together as friends, family or strangers, showing love and ultimately caring for one another despite all differences. Black Friday is a deadly holiday that we have right after we give thanks to everything we are and have. People give up precious family time to go race with hundreds of people who care only about themselves, and getting the hottest thing out. How are we being thankful if in just a few hours we’re being greedy and not only fighting, but killing over materialistic things? Yes, Black Friday has some of the best deals you will ever see, but is it really worth everything it turns out to be? Black Friday brings out the worst in people, and that is not what the holiday season is for. Stores used to open up for Black Friday at about midnight after everyone got plenty of time with their families. Now there are stores that are open all day or will open up as early as 4pm to 5pm. When stores start opening up that early, there is no time real time being spent with family. Most retail stores do not open on major holidays, so why do we start allowing it now? To me, thanksgiving is a holiday that all people should be spending together. Employees should not have to worry about being at work all day and not being able to spend this time with their families. Not only is it unfair, it is not right. Thanksgiving should not be broken up, or rushed just so we can go wait in line to go shop around for the newest things out. Black Friday has a lot of pros and cons, for me the cons just tend to out weigh the pros. Shopping is something everyone loves, it just shouldn’t be something so out of hand and crazy like this.