Toby’s Top 10’s: Top 10 Places to Cry on Campus


By Toby Leffew

It’s no secret that college is stressful. It’s no secret that life is stressful. Try as you might to tough it out, sometimes it just gets to you. College is a time of change for many people, and with this change comes a lot of messy feelings. And sometimes, these feelings cause you to cry. 

Well fear not, because McPherson College has plenty of places to cry! Places where you can just let it all out, and go about your day! 

10. Your Dorm 

Pros: Your dorm is the place you live. If you feel comfortable sleeping, eating, relaxing, and studying there, it should be a great place to cry. Having a door you can lock might even make you feel more comfortable letting your emotions out. 

Cons: Not every student at Mac has a dorm, so not everybody on campus has this option. In addition, if your roommate is always there, or if they frequently have company over, you might not feel comfortable crying in your dorm. 

9. Behind The Clothing Racks in The Costume Shop 

Pros: All those costumes serve as great sound mufflers.  

Cons: Usually, it’s hard for a student who isn’t involved in theatre to get access to the basement of Brown, so this probably won’t be accessible to most.  

8. In the Harnly Memorial Garden…at night! 

Pros: Not only is crying good for you, but so is being in the fresh air.  

Cons: It’s hard to get privacy outside, unless it’s the dead of night (being out that late at night could be scary).  

7. Upper Floor of Miller Library 

Pros: Even though it’s not completely desolate, it’s a little more isolated than the main floor. The comfortable chairs and gorgeous view might provide a more pleasant crying experience, that might relax your burdened mind. 

Cons: It is a public place, so if you like privacy, you might want to avoid this one. 

6. In the Shower 

Pros: The water might make you feel more comfortable, and it’s hard to tell if someone is crying over the sounds of running water. 

Cons: The bathrooms aren’t ideal for full-on ugly sobbing, due to how echo-y they can be.  

5. Hess Practice Rooms 

Pros: If you like crying in private, this might be your place. It’s soundproofed (to a degree), which might help if you’re a sobber. 

Cons: Even soundproofing has its limits. Also, I’m not sure who exactly has access to the practice rooms and when, so you might need to see about reserving it. 

4. Study Corrals in Miller Library 

Pros: You can close the doors, turn out the lights, and just hide. 

Cons: You can’t be too loud, because the walls are kind of thin.  

3. Bathrooms in Melhorn’s Basement 

Pros: Crying here just hits different. I don’t know why, but it does. 

Cons: Due to it being a bathroom, you kind of have to be quiet.  

2. Faculty Offices 

Pros: If your faculty member knows why you’re there, and is willing to give you some time and space to cry, this could be great. 

Cons: Our faculty are very busy, and some of them might not appreciate being cried at, to, or around. 

1. The Bathrooms in The Student Union’s Basement 

Pros: Most people don’t even know these bathrooms exist, making them a perfect place to get some privacy and just cry. 

Cons: Those bathrooms are kind of creepy.