NFL Update 


By Daryn Stack 

The NFL has been packed full of action in just three weeks of play. There have been injuries, surprise storylines, and as always, depressed Jets fans. During week one, the main storyline followed the Jets who had another tragedy fall upon New York natives on the date of 9/11 as their expected savior, Aaron Rodgers, tore his Achilles four plays into the season.  

One team that has surprised many how well they have performed up to this point in the season, is the Miami Dolphins. After a disappointing end of the season for the Dolphins last season, they have come back strong as they look to be Super Bowl contenders and are currently one of the best teams in the league. They have the most explosive offense, as well as a serviceable defense that creates timely turnovers. Miami’s offense is so powerful that they nearly broke the record for most points in a single game. They scored 70 points against the Denver Broncos.  

Another surprise team has been the Dallas Cowboys who have also looked great, but are doing it in a different way. Dallas has put a emphasis more on the defensive front rather than focusing on an strong offense like Miami. However, Dallas always disappoints, and this year is no different. After one of their best starts to a season in recent memory, they threw it all away by losing to the Arizona Cardinals, who before this last game, we thought of as a team fighting for the first overall pick.